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Features and Advantages Offered by a Franking Machine

Franking machines may not be the cheapest investments, but their benefits sure guarantee steady returns. Just by knowing their main features and benefits, you can easily see how they can help a business achieve its maximum potential.

Key Features of a Franking Machine

Automatic DIY Stamping

When you purchase a franking machine, you are purchasing a dedicated standalone printer that comes with a keyboard where you enter the franking amount. Then the amount is printed on the inserted envelope or a self-adhesive label. With more advanced machines, the franking price can be calculated using a built-in scale.


Medium-range franking machines are mostly connected to Royal Mail’s network, meaning there’s no need for the user to change franking rates manually since these are automatically updated to the computer’s memory. Aside from being convenient, this also means that the entered franking value is always correct. And since these machines can also be connected to the accountant’s or auditor’s books, updating the features accordingly will also come automatically.

Full Automation

A smart connected stamp printer is not all you get when you purchase a franking machine. It can also come with automatic feeders, which accept various envelope formats and forward these directly to the printer. Furthermore, once the correct envelope has been inserted, the machine may insert the document, weigh it, determine the franking price, and seal the envelope! Everything is done automatically for up to hundreds of mailing items in various formats.

Benefits of a Franking Machine

Increased Productivity

It’s not hard to see how productivity increases with the help of a franking machine. Instead of spending too much time on mailing tasks, a business can focus on value-added operations.


Compared to stamped items, franked items are actually cheaper to mail. And even if the discounts look small, they can add up towards the end of the year and make a significant difference.

Customized Mailing

Another good thing about franking is that it lets you print more than the franking rate. Moreover, you can upload your company logo or any design you wish to print.

As you may expect, how you use a franking machine will mainly determine the benefits it can offer your business. In most cases, this means that the bigger your company, the more you will be able to save money by franking your own mail. However, this doesn’t mean that small businesses will not have the same benefit, because there are models that are made for their specific needs.

Finally, a small business may consider renting as an alternative, but this can turn out to be disadvantageous. For one, you’ll never be sure up to how much you will have to pay for using the machine. Buying, on the other hand, will keep the costs upfront and help you avoid surprises expenses, as long as you purchase the right model.

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